Travelwise International (TWI) redefines today’s standards in luxury travel. Headquartered in Fort Washington, Maryland with a global office in Manila, Travelwise International is one of the nation’s premier luxury travel agencies catering to sophisticated leisure travelers searching for world renowned destinations and experiences. With over thirty years of experience, Travelwise International is an award-winning travel firm recognized for its unparalleled high touch service, creating elaborate customized travel experiences for its VIP clientele.

Our History

For over three decades, Travelwise International (TWI) remains one of the most influential and respected luxury travel firms in the industry.

Travelwise International’s founder Ofelia Adriano was one of the early travel advisors to pioneer travel management for the Filipino-Americans since the late 1980s. Her elaborate work and industry expertise led to the debut of Travelwise in 1989, a business catering to an impressive list of clients and high-profile organizations such as the Philippine Ambassador and the Department of Tourism for the Philippines.

Travelwise International’s team of top travel advisors has applied their proven formula within leisure travel to a broader range of destinations worldwide. And with its sights now set on increasing its network, Travelwise International continues to expand its product list to include a wider range of markets and a collection of unfathomable destinations.

Building Our Future

Travelwise International recently announced the launch of its Host Agency (IC) Division, a program created to be an incubator devoted to developing a new breed of forward thinking travel advisors focused on innovation and finding new ways to propel the industry forward.

Inside this incubator is a place to allow those involved to think differently. And with the launch of this new division comprised of a select group of the passionate and purpose driven individuals, there will be a shift toward creating an inspired community of like-minded entrepreneurs driven by creativity and curiosity who continually seek out new ways to evolve and grow

The ultimate goal is to welcome ideas and innovation into the brand from outside of the industry as well as within the travel advisor community. As such, the project will act as a talent scout as Travelwise International seeks out thought leaders and forward thinking entrepreneurs who can help drive that mission forward.