It’s all about the relationships we keep and nurture that creates our future.

Alvin Adriano, CEO

Our goal at Travelwise International is to connect our clients to the world and ensuring an experience tailor-made for them. We can customize your journey down to the details, or we can give you suggestions for restaurants, spa treatments or our favorite spot for the best view of the city. We pride ourselves on listening to the wants of our clients, then offering our personal experiences and advice to shape your adventure into your ideal experience.

Whether you’re eager to experience the Philippines on a secluded white sand beach…or sail the high seas on the world’s largest cruise ship…or take an adventure-filled vacation to a special place on your bucket list…or have your an exotic and fulfilling honeymoon on an exotic South Pacific island, Travelwise will make it happen.

“Traveling is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

Miriam Beard

Our Team

Alvin Adriano
CEO | President

Alvin is one of travel industry’s Rising Stars and has quickly become a recognized speaker at travel conventions, training programs and other business coaching seminars. Alvin’s philosophies revolve around creating leaders within your business/organization to build a culture of success. He is a passionate speaker who delivers simple, practical and realistic approaches to improve any business.

Keisha Adriano
COO | Director of Customer Experience

Keisha first began with Travelwise International in 2009 as a front line agent specializing in European cruises, group travel and exotic honeymoons. She is highly involved in the travel community as the Chapter Treasurer of ASTA Central Atlantic and was recognized as one of the 2019 Future Leaders in Travel.

Marielle Kabin
Vice President | Director of Marketing

Marielle is the youngest of the Adriano family to join the business and she has quickly made a name for herself. Within 2 years from her start, Marielle was honored with the prestigious Top 30 Travel Advisors Under 30 in 2017 and is the ASTA International Chapter President of the Philippines.

Max Kabin
Adventure and Cruise Advisor

Max joined the company in 2017 and has been assisting clients plan vacations to Europe, Asia and ocean cruises. He is a Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) accredited by ASTA and is the Chapter Treasurer for the ASTA Central Atlantic Chapter.

Aiza Salas
Ocean and River Cruise Advisor

Aiza has been a developing herself as a premier Luxury Travel Advisor and continues to offer her clients personalized service and sincere and genuine care.

Kristine Gamayot
Senior Travel Advisor

Since 2015, Kristine is one of our Top Travel Advisors and continues to build her skills and services.

Jomarie Montaner
Senior Travel Advisor

Jomarie is a recent graduate of Travel and Tourism degree and has been a great addition to the Travelwise team. She has quickly become one of the Top Travel Advisors and continues to provide the highest level of customer service to all her travelers.