Obtaining a PASSPORT: The dreaded chore…

My experience and pro tips!

The first thing you need in hand before vacationing is PASSPORTS. As a family of 6, I pushed this off for as long as I could. But 2022 was the year I wanted to really travel! So, we gathered all documents and we did it! And I wanted to document our process to help put your mind at ease because in the end, it wasnt even that bad. We actually were pleasantly surprised!

DAY 0: Appt made online for 1/24/22 at closest post office.

(PRO TIP: you can modify appointment anytime with ease). I wanted to do this to ensure we had everything we needed. I was prepared with all documents for myself and children.

DAY 1: All documents and pictures were furnished

(PRO TIP: IF you are getting pictures done elsewhere, check for hair covering eyes. 2 of my children had to retake at the post office since the corner of their eyes had slightly been covered).

Appointment was complete fairly quickly, less than 15 min per person. Yes you can do this on your own but having the person at the post office making sure it was all in order was so HELPFUL, and it assured us we had everything we needed and it was already being tracked and in their hands!

DAY 14: All passports arrived!

DAY 21: All passport cards arrived!

DAY 23: All documents (B.C, MARRIAGE, and old passports arrived)

The 2 week turnaround with passports in hand was really a pleasant surprise. And the part where our documents came back last did make us a little worried, but it all came back safely. We debated if we wanted our kids to get the passport cards, but it was only $10 more for a legal identification and 2 older children would eventually need it soon. So it was a nice peace of mind to just have. So I highly recommend it.

Hope this was helpful in putting your mind at ease with fear of obtaining passports and sending original documents…

Now, where do we go first!!!?? Where would you go?

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